ANNOUNCEMENT: With regrets: due to continued COVID-19 risks, Happy Little Singers has been discontinued permanently, effective 6/1/2021. Thank you to everyone who has graced the sessions since 2012.


Happy Little Singers was an affordable, creative early childhood (Pre-K) music and movement program, designed for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and young students up to age 6 (older children and siblings enjoy the program, as well!).  The program easily compares to some of the most popular music programs available around the world.  

With every nurturing and creative class, you will see your child expressing themselves in new ways, developing new skills and competency, matching rhythm and singing, playing instruments. You may also notice a significant increase in both fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, language and listening skills, social skills and self-esteem; and the class will reinforce the bond between you and your child.  Best of all, you and your child be having SO MUCH FUN.

The parent, grandparent or caregiver attends 
and participates (i.e. ENJOYS THE FUN!!) with their child or children.  (Siblings and complete families are welcome to attend in the same class with one another.)

Happy Little Singers

  • The program is led by a seasoned, professional musician and teacher who is energetic, patient, compassionate, fun-loving and respectful of every child's individuality.  The classes are full of activities designed to meet your child at his or her stage of development.  While the classes offer a definite flow and repetition for the learning benefit of your children, parts of the sessions are less structured than most other popular courses, to enable each child to explore creativity and expression with boundless activity
  • The program incorporates a wide range music -- a variety of tempos, tonalities, modalities and genres -- a combination of music, adding in favorite public domain children's songs, poems and chants, and other familiar and modern music conducive to singing, dancing and instrument play. 
  • Each session meets once weekly for at least 1 1/2 hours, allowing for flexibility in the time when the kids are really engaged and focused in an activity.  
  • Drop in program.  No weekly commitment required and don't worry if you are running late. Also, come and go during each session as needed.
  • Class size ranges from a minimum of 1 family to up to 15 families.  Ages are mixed from newborn to 6 years (even older kids and siblings enjoy the classes).  The young ones learn from the older ones and the older ones enjoy modeling and mentoring the younger children. 
  • Fees: The program is affordable -  $10.00 PER FAMILY each session, $15 per family in Ogden.   Includes bubbles!, cookies at the end and photos from the session. 
  • Pay by cash, check, Venmo.
  • Of course, we are breast feeding friendly!
  • All instruments used in class are TESTED CHILD SAFE AND NON-TOXIC  and FULLY SANITIZED after each session.
Discover how much FUN you and your child will have through listening, singing, moving, dancing, chanting, playing instruments and participating in activities which have been carefully designed and selected to: 
  • stimulate and develop your child's brain
  • build gross and fine motor skills
  • enhance social-emotional development
  • increase language and literacy 
This is what I try to add into each session:
  • Clapping
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Instruments
  • Hand Movements
  • Numbers/Counting
  • Letters
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Rhythm and Rhymes
  • Animal Sounds
  • Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Physical Balance
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing
  • Cooperation
  • Following Directions
  • Organization
  • Creativity, Imagination and Free-Form Play
  • Comedy
  • Sign Language
  • Bonding / Friendships
  • Finding Courage
  • Building Trust