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One artistic CD is available for your hearing pleasure.  Cosmic Summer Sojourn, 
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Cosmic Summer Sojourn is an artistic anthology about a summer day:

Love Leads You Gently on a Cosmic Summer Sojourn
A Journey of Awakening


Do you remember the days when we would select our favorite album, sit down and listen to the whole thing from beginning to end and be guided on a journey?  Cosmic Summer Sojourn was produced as a seamless, full-length artistic concept in this spirit.  It was designed to provide a much needed respite into the luxurious world of summer.  

Songs filled with poetic depth melt together to re-enchant the listener and awaken them to beauty, nature, love and truth.  The liner notes contained within may provide insight behind the intention of each song.

Cosmic Summer Sojourn, then, is a journey through one day in mid-summer, from morning til night.  Natural sounds tastefully compilment each song -- birds, crickets and cicadas are the first true singers -- and no summer day can be truly experienced without the joyful symphony of sounds subtly shifting throughout the day, tickling your ears and pleasing your senses.

Morning begins with Fairy Visions - a song about peaceful, vivid dreaming -- until our consciousness is awakened and drawn to nature's cacophony of Morning in the Orchard.

Mid-Morning brings us back inside as we close the door for morning meditation.  Puddles of Moonbeam is a meditation, a song filled with spiritual metaphors.  We may be aware of the chatter in our mind, the length of time we are sitting, eager for the moment when we can arise relaxed and refreshed with a feeling of accomplishment, leading to a feeling of gratitude.  Muse is a love song to the Divine (also a love song to my husband), while also recognizing the Divine in every living being.

Afternoon takes us outside to the Garden to commune with nature and the elemental beings in White Coral Bells.  Dreamy Kid is a lilting tune offering daydreams of giving and peace.

Early Evening takes us to The Brook, and a celebration of a gentle stream and the eternal.  Twas a Day When She Was Happy is a fairy tale about love and happiness, also connected to nature.  And no summer evening is complete without the Monarch Butterfly, Gliding Along Lightly.  A tribute to the Monarch who travels from Mexico to my yard in Pennsylvania every year, simply by gliding along lightly.  May we all take notes from the butterfly if we emerge from our cocoons to enjoy the sweet fragrance of the flower of life by simply gliding along lightly.

Twilight brings sunset and Cosmic Summer Sojourn, an admiring description of a summer evening and a song about falling in love with yourself through experiencing the bliss of divine creation.  Under the Stars Tonight is a ponderous song, a hint of our universal purpose and another exploration into the ultimate nature of reality through the metaphor that nature provides.

Midnight and Robz Rem Med Lee, when thoughts from the day roll around in our head as we fall asleep.  Finally, The Silent Moon is Beaming through the night as we are lulled by fairy dreaming -- ending with a serenade in the middle of the night by the myriad calls fo the Mockingbird.

Indulge your spirit -- put aside some time, sit back, close your eyes, and relax to the soothing, sensuous and enchanting sounds as love leads you gently on a Cosmic Summer Sojourn.