From the recording Cosmic Summer Sojourn

Susan Savia, Composer

"I knew that my body rested dreaming back in the grass, breathing deeply, under stars. I knew I could wake, any time I wished. I knew that everything in sight was my imagination." Richard Bach, Out of My Mind

Suggested Reading: “Counting The Stars”, a Zen Koan, from
Bring Me The Rhinoceros and other Zen Koans to Bring You Joy, John Tarentella AND read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbott


I should be under the stars tonight thinking about the speed of light
I may linger in the darkness adrift, ignoring the truth

Love is such an awesome feeling; true love is so revealing
How did I know, long ago It would be this way today?

Can we rise above the ordinary?
Maybe on a shimmering thread
We could float delicately as a summer night’s breeze
And awaken to a nuance of becoming, of reality

As I lay under the stars tonight wrestling with wrong, questioning right
How can I calm my mind To let my spirit free?

This passion for living is ours to bear
A passion for knowing flowers in there
The melody flows tenderly in my ear and through my body

Beckoning like fire flies
Sparkling on a peaceful river
A sweet, warm mist climbs into the night lush with magic
Pushing ever closer to insight, to destiny

A shooting star marks the sky with a lasting trail
to the universe, a journey that awaits us