From the recording Cosmic Summer Sojourn

A Musical Fairy Tale composed by Susan Savia

"The final belief is to believe in a fiction, which you know to be a fiction, there being nothing else. The exquisite truth is to know that it is a fiction and that you believe in it willingly." Wallace Stevens

"Fairy tales sometimes come true
Use fairy dust and pixie glue
Then all the love will stick to you”
My Little Lovely by Ray Thomas
Moody Blues ~Strange Times


Twas a day when she was happy, she lifted her head to the sky
One wish was made to the goddess she prayed
For love with a gentle young guy
She found her way to the foothills and walked in a field of flowers
and followed the bees and listened to trees
And sang with the river for hours
Twas a day when she was happy

Twas a day when she was happy, the air carried harmony sweet
She searched for the sound, A sweet young man she found
Who was lovestruck when their eyes did meet
They made glorious music together frolicked and danced in the sun
and then Cupid’s dart pierced her right in the heart
she realized that he was the one
Twas a day when she was happy

Twas a day when she was happy, he fashioned two rings from a vine
And on bended knee he asked her to be
His sweet loving friend for all time
In a sacred space deep in the forest
Face to face, eyes filled with mist
“I swear to love you and to always be true”
Their promise was sealed as they kissed
Twas a day when she was happy

Their blessings were many and sadnesses few
Life can surprise and bring goodness to you
As long as the sun rises Gently each morn
It gives one less reason to be forlorn

Twas a day when she was happy, singing of peace o’er the land
Her voice mesmerized, they both closed their eyes
And stood joined as one hand in hand
Their song cast a magical spell Each human soul filled with love
And by her sweet words they became mockingbird
And sang in the air high above
Twas a day when she was happy

Twas a day when she was happy, inseparable all through their lives
Her lover and friend who was true to the end
Gave no warning of sudden demise
She summoned the goddess for one more request
And thanked her for life and love’s gleam
With the last breath he drew She asked “May I go too?”
Then they floated away in a dream
Twas a day when she was happy