From the recording Cosmic Summer Sojourn

Original Composition by Susan Savia
A guided visualization of my favorite summer evening:
fall in love with nature, fall in love with yourself!

"…and once again we see the convergence of sensuality and spirituality. Chief Dan George prays:
the fragrance of the grass speaks to me . . .
and my heart soars" from The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore

". . .the Lawn is full of south and the odors tangle, and I hear today for the first time the river in the tree."
Emily Dickinson


Imagine yourself . . . lounging on a carpet of lush, green zoysia grass
On a summer evening, the warmth of sunset colors
reflect on a lake smooth as glass
Just about the time when the lightnin’ bugs are risin’
and the moon peeks over the east horizon
A bullfrog is callin’, and I am ever fallin’ deeper in love with you

A warm south wind whispers and caresses
The lingering scent of flowers
Leaves of the willow gently sway in rhythm
dancing in the breeze for hours
Then you search the sky as the glow fades to twilight
a star begins to twinkle and the Milky Way comes into sight
a mockingbird is callin’ and I am ever falling deeper in love with you

Cicadas and crickets singing, ears filled with ringing
Sounds lull you sound asleep
All in a young summer night casts a spell
Relaxed in a dream so deep
Safe and warm and floating in an ocean of ambrosia
Love leads you gently on a cosmic summer sojourn
A voice familiar calling and I am ever falling deeper in love with you